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Welcome to the ICTsmc WikiEdit

This wikia was created by the GCSE1 ICT class of St. Michael's College for a lesson about wiki's.Here we will post the stuff we do and learn in each class and give notes of our progress

Describe your topicEdit

We are creating a wiki to explain many types of online communities and resources.

In the recent lessons Edit

Recently we have covered a lot of topics such as social bookmarking, virtual reality and video games each of which were really interesting. Now we are speaking of wiki"s and our task was to create a wiki about our lessons so here it is. On here we will put interesting stuff such as our lesson experience so don't miss out.

Who we are Edit

we are international students from all over the world. In this project people from Bulgaria, Albania, Italy, Thailand, China and Vietnam co-operate to create a page full of useful information for you and for us to use if you have forgoten or if you are just interested in the subject.

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